About Fumi

Travel journal & food illustrator

I was born in Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan. After a homestay in America and a working holiday in Australia, I traveled around Southeast Asia as a backpacker for about 5 months.
Since 2006, I've been a nail artist. I moved to the United States in 2011, and ran my own nail salon, Color Treats, as the only licensed Japanese nail artist in Portland, Oregon. So I got a lot of practice doing artwork on the canvas of thousands of clients' little nails!
I've visited 23 countries so far, and starting in 2023, I've been working in travel notebooks that combine collages with illustrations drawn with pen and watercolor, and posting my work on Instagram.
I love discovering new and delicious food, and am especially fond of food illustrations, and I hope to be able to express joy and enjoyment through my illustrations, meet people across borders, and be an active participant in the world.








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