Traveler's Notebooks

Illustrations from my journeys

Travel journaling combines the things I love the most: traveling, eating, and art. I didn't know how to make large paintings, but I realized that I like drawing small, doodle-like illustrations, just like I used to draw on my clients' little fingernails. How much fun would it be if my travel notebook became my life, where I could go to places I've never known before, experience new things, and record things I love, all of which I would treasure?


I also started drawing once a day on my monthly calendar. As I drew, I started to want to try new things in my daily life, even small things, and started to develop the habit of finding small happiness. Just as when you go out to take photos, your eyes look around you more than usual in search of a subject, and you become aware of more things, recording your daily life will make you seek more stimulation during the day, and increase your happiness sensors. Even if you don't go far abroad, or even if you don't do it every day, making new discoveries and experiences in your days, where you live now, will bring brightness to your life.
If you can bring back that feeling and add color and brightness to your life through your travel notebook, then it is a wonderful tool and activity.